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Cucumber and Cheese Sushi Snacks

Prep Time: 30 Min  |  Cook Time:  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
Prep Time
30 Min

<p>This fun snack makes everyday feel special.&nbsp; A great way to get more cheese and vegetables into anyone's meal.&nbsp; Plus, it is always a treat to use chopsticks with cheese.</p>

  • 2 each English Cucumbers
  • 1 Package Sargento® Colby Jack Cheese sticks
  • 1 Package Sargento® Cheddar Cheese Sticks
  • 1 Bag Shoestring carrots, preferably freshly made
  • 1 each Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 each Avocado
  • 1 package Sliced lunch meat of choice
  • 4 oz Ranch Dressing
  • 4 oz Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing
  • 3 each green onions
  • 1 tsp Toasted sesame seeds
  1. Cut off ends of cucumber. Slice in half.
  2. Hollow out center of cucumber using a melon baller. Leave about 1/2 inch of cucumber from the edges.
  3. Stuff cucumber with rolled-up ham, cheese, carrots, peppers and avocado until the center is filled.
  4. Garnish with green onions toasted sesame seeds.
  5. Serve cold with Ranch dressing and Sesame Ginger dressing. Refrigerate leftovers.

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