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    Southern Cuisine

    Fried Green Tomatoes with a twist

    Fried tomatoes are a classic Southern side. We know it's not tradition, but topping with Sargento® 4 State Cheddar® adds a delicious cheesy twist that you won't regret!  Serve these by themselves, as a bbq side or with spicy dipping sauce!

  • Eric
    Meet Our Chef


    His early years were shaped by the culinary expertise of his grandparents and mother, who greatly influence his cooking today. Now a culinary enthusiast, Eric has a passion for using fresh ingredients and layering authentic flavors into his Southern recipes.

  • catfish3
    Southern Cuisine

    Fried Catfish and Provolone Sandwich

    Catfish is a Southern favorite and can be part of every family meal whether it be fried, broiled or between 2 slices of bread and topped with Sargento® Provolone cheese. This is a seafood sandwich delight.


Southern Inspired Meals With Real, Natural Cheese

<p>Southern cooking is all about providing a sense of warmth and comfort, which can be effortlessly created with the addition of real, natural cheese. By blending real ingredients with traditional herbs and spices, the distinct flavors of the South can be brought to life in any meal.</p>

Meet Our Chefs

Family, tradition and real, natural cheese. Our Southern cuisine experts believe those are the key ingredients to making mealtime memorable. They are dedicated to creating Southern dishes that are made from scratch and layered with flavor. For them, it’s about turning real ingredients into delicious recipes that create a sense of belonging.


Eric Jones

Eric is a self-taught home cook, born and raised in Louisiana and has always had a passion for developing and layering flavors in his cooking. His creations are influenced by his loving grandparents and mother who taught him the basics of Southern cooking.

His cooking style is focused on transforming real ingredients into delicious recipes. Eric prefers cooking from scratch, but understands that life gets hectic and therefore aims to create recipes that are simple, yet flavorful. He enjoys experimenting with new recipes and sharing them with family and friends. His passion for homestyle cooking and bringing joy to others makes him excited to welcome everyone into his kitchen.

Ace v2

Ace Champion

Chef Ace comes from the great food state of Louisiana, specializing in Cajun cooking -- the taste of New Orleans!  He has over 25 years of culinary experience and has a passion for creating food that not only tastes good but makes you feel good. Southern cooking is often known for its layers of spice, which Chef Ace brings into every recipe. His commitment to excellence in Southern cuisine brings a unique and flavorful twist that leaves a lasting impression on every plate.

Get Inspired

Our chefs’ love of tradition and flavor build real meals that bring warmth and comfort to every family moment. Check out the recipes below for inspiration you can bring to your next family meal!

Spice up your tastebuds with this Jalapeño Gouda Chicken Burger.


4 Ingredient BBQ Chicken Dip!


Ready for a Southern classic?


The perfect side for your next summer cookout! 


Our Cheese

Try some of the cheeses our Southern chefs love to use in their meals.