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Charcuterie Chalet

Prep Time: 2 Hrs  |  Cook Time: 0 min  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
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Prep Time
2 Hrs
Cook Time
0 min

<p><span>Complete with tasty snacks, like salty pretzels, plenty of Sargento® Cheese and beef sticks, this Charcuterie Chalet Cheeseboard is guaranteed to impress!</span></p>

  1. For cheese mortar (the glue), in a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese, dill, garlic powder
    and turmeric with a hand mixer until smooth. Spoon mixture into a quart size resealable plastic bag
    and seal, removing as much air as possible. Cut a ¼” corner from one corner and set aside.
  2. Place one of the matzo crackers on a large wooden board. This will be the foundation of the cabin.
    Pipe a small line of cheese onto one whole pretzel rod and gently press onto one side of the matzo
    cracker. The pretzel rod should be slightly smaller than the length of the cracker.
  3. Pipe another strip of mortar onto another pretzel rod and press at a 90-degree angle from the first,
    along another edge of the matzo cracker, making sure the end touches the other pretzel. Repeat this
    process around the next two sides. This is the beginning foundation of the walls of the cabin. Don’t
    worry about where the door or windows will be, you can always cut them out later when you want, or
    simply make a faux “door” or “window” with slices of cheese.
  4. As you build your walls, don’t forget to alternate the pretzel rods to go over the pretzel rod from the
    wall it is next to, so the walls are connected. Otherwise, the walls will simply fall over. You may need
    to cut the ends of every other row down a bit, so they fit.
  5. If an open door or window is desired, when you get the walls high enough to where you want the top
    of the window and door to be, cut the pretzels away from the area you want removed with a fine
    serrated knife, being careful not to pull apart the pretzels as they are cut. Once the doorway and
    windows are the size you want, line the edges with beef sticks cut in half lengthwise. Use the mortar
    to secure them.
  6. To create a realistic looking roof, you will need to gradually reduce the size of the pretzels to create a
    slope towards the front of the cabin. When the height of the cabin is about 12-13 pretzels high on the
    back and about 9 pretzels high in the front, it’s time to add the roof.
  7. To add the roof, pipe a thick strip of mortar around all tops of the pretzels on the top of each wall.
    Allow extra on the sides where it slopes to fill in the gaps. Place the remaining matzo cracker over the
    piped mortar and press down lightly to secure.
  8. For the cheese shingles, start at the bottom front of the cabin and place 4 quarter slices of cheese
    slightly overlapping. Start the next row partially covering the previous row and in the center of the
    previous slices. Continue this process until the entire roof is covered. You may need to trim the edges
    with a tin, sharp knife or scissors to make them fit well.
  9. Now that the cabin is built, place it on the board where you want it. Now it’s time for the finish work
    and the landscaping.
  10. For the chimney, cut the block of pepper-jack lengthwise in half about halfway down, then curve the
    cut the bottom half is wider than the top. Trim the removed piece so it fits on top of the other larger
    piece. This will extend the chimney over the top of your cabin roof. Secure with toothpicks.
  11. For window shutters, cut slices of cheddar to fit on the sides of the windows and glue in place with the
    same cream cheese mortar.
  12. For the snow-covered yard, sprinkle shredded mozzarella in the areas you want covered.
  13. For the walkway, clear a path of mozzarella where you want the path to go leading to the front door.
    Cut out different size pieces of cheese and place them in a random pattern to resemble stones.
  14. Finishing touches: If a front porch is desired, before adding the cheese shingles, place thick crackers
    going over the edge of the cabin and hold in place with pretzel rods used as posts or use an additional
    matzo cracker on the roof -cut to fit. The porch can be made with smaller pretzel sticks. A log pile can
    be made by cutting beef sticks into quarters and stacked on the side of the cabin. Rosemary trees,
    reeds and thyme bunches can be stuck into cream cheese to look like trees and plants. A rosemary
    wreath and cheese door mat are the finishing touches to this completely edible cabin in the woods.
  15. Note: If you want a special presentation, don’t make a real door, or window or attach the roof with mortar.
    Fill the inside of the cabin with dip or charcuterie items, then place the roof back on top. When your guests
    arrive, simply remove the roof and let them enjoy the goodies inside.