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Spring Charcuterie Bouquet

Prep Time: 45 MIN  |  Cook Time: 0 MIN  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
CharcuterieBouquet v2
Prep Time
45 MIN
Cook Time

  1. To make provolone roses, on a clean, flat surface, lay 4 slices of cheese overlapping each other by about 1”. Fold the row of slices in half, making one edge a straight line where all 4 slices are folded.
  2. Starting at one end, slowly rollup the cheese, creating a tight flower like shape. Fold down every other edge to make the flower look opened. Secure the bottom with a toothpick. Place bottom side down on a large tray lined with foil and refrigerate while doing the remaining flowers. Repeat this process with remaining cheese slices.
  3. For salami and pepperoni roses, repeat process above. Refrigerate all flowers until ready to assemble.
  4. To assemble, make a shallow mound of cheese on a large wooden board of tray where you want the top of the bouquet to be placed. The cheese base allows you to secure each flower and create a rounded look to the bouquet rather than being flat to the surface. Press the cheese and meat roses into the cheese spread and secure with toothpicks if necessary on the edges to keep them from falling.
    Leave room in between the roses to allow room for the remaining items.
  5. Add the grapes and kale pieces in between the roses to fill in the gaps. Add the onion and tomato flowers, using picks to secure if needed.
  6. Stick the cucumber strips into the bottom of the bouquet to look like stems of flowers. Wrap a ribbon or strips of cheddar cheese around stems if desired. Serve.