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Gouda Stuffed Sorullos

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<p>When I think of Sorullos, I think of hush puppies. Sorullos, or sometimes called Sorullitos, are deep fried golden corn nuggets that are a traditional party snack in Puerto Rico. Some people make them with no cheese, some pour the cheese directly inside the batter and some stuff the cheese inside the fritter right before frying. These are a combination of both cheese in the batter and cheese stuffed in the fritter! Because, why not? They're sweet and savory and crispy and soft and if you nail the cook you'll be rewarded with the elusive cheese pull.</p>

  1. Take your two slices of cheese and slice, cut or break them up into 12 pieces. Set aside
  2. Fill a medium-sized pot with 2-3 inches of oil and bring it to medium-high heat.
  3. Boil water, sugar, butter and salt.
  4. Turn heat down to low and add cornmeal and vigorously whisk. Add shredded cheese and combine.
  5. Working quickly, scoop out a palm size amount of masa and make a thin patty. Stuff with two pieces of cheese, close the patty over the cheese and shape into a small sphere.
  6. Immediately fry in your pot on medium-high for 3-5 minutes or until the masa is firm and golden brown. It’s ok if some of the cheese leaks out.
  7. Allow to slightly cool before serving.

1 Review

5 out of 5

9 months ago

First time making these and I need to work on forming them into a better shape but they are delicious and everyone in my family loved them. I paired it with a guava dipping sauce.