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Charming Holiday Cheese Chalet

Prep Time: 45 MIN  |  Cook Time: 0 MIN  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
Prep Time
45 MIN
Cook Time

<p>This Charming Holiday Cheese Chalet recipe is the perfect way to wow all your Holiday guests.</p>

  1. Spread Cream Cheese on cutting board. This will be the base for the crackers and breadsticks and allow them to stand up. Bonus - it looks like snow!
  2. Arrange crackers to form foundation of house using cream cheese as the mortar of each piece. Arrange Sargento® Natural String Cheese(R) Snacks, again, using cream cheese as mortar for each string cheese to cracker house foundation. Cut string cheese as needed to create A frame structure. Start with the front of the chalet. Repeat this for each side and backside of the chalet.
  3. Arrange thin breadsticks to a cracker base using cream cheeses mortar to create roof of chalet.
  4. Spread the rest of the cream cheese on board to create a landscape of snow, creating drifts and texture.
  5. Arrange salami rounds in various patterns to form walkway to chalet.
  6. Create a door & windows using pretzels, use a blueberry as a door knob. Twist a wreath and garland out of thyme and rosemary. Use pomegranates seeds to add a hint of color to wreathes and garland.
  7. Build a snowman by connecting three mushroom caps using cream cheese to hold. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on each mushroom cap and dust with Sargento® Shredded Mozzarella Natural Cheese. Sprinkle the rest of mozzarella cheese on existing cream cheese to add the snow effect.
  8. Create a sled by slicing the red pepper in quarters Add quartered red pepper skin side down to front yard. Add a smaller wreath, and a small piece of string to front of sleigh.
  9. Using a quartered section of Sargento® Block Mozzarella Natural Cheese and skewer to make trees for your front yard. Assemble by taking skewer and piercing it through Sargento® Natural String Cheese(R)  Snacks and attach it to quartered block cheese. Take a small piece of twine and four sprigs of rosemary tying them at the top of sprigs, tie around string cheese and secure.
  10. Slice cucumbers, thinly, lengthwise and use skewer to loop each side in and out making a tree. Using squared block cheese to secure Using a small star cookie cutter, add a star using block cheese to top of each tree.
  11. Be creative and have fun using provolone slices to add capped snow look to the top of chalet Use the rest of ingredients to personalize all the decorations on and around the Chalet - make it a show stopper!