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Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

Prep Time: 45 MIN  |  Cook Time: 45 MIN  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
Prep Time
45 MIN
Cook Time
45 MIN

<p>This barbecued version of the classic sandwich from Philadelphia has plenty of Sargento® Sliced Provolone Natural Cheese with Natural Smoke Flavor and just enough grilled flavor to make this version a new summertime favorite.</p>

  1. Pre-heat a gas or charcoal grill to medium heat. Lightly oil steak, onions, mushrooms and pepper halves with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer meat and vegetables to the hot grill. Grill items for 2-3 minutes over medium heat, turning once or twice, until steak is done to medium and onions and peppers are crisp tender.
  2. Transfer items to a baking sheet and let rest for 5-10 minutes or until cool enough to handle.
  3. Chop steak, onions and mushrooms into small pieces and transfer to a bowl. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Spoon meat mixture into each pepper half. Place 2 slices of cheese over the meat mixture.
  4. Place stuffed peppers on the grill over indirect heat. Close lid and cook for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and peppers are tender. Remove from grill and serve.

    Note: For quicker preparation, place stuffed peppers in a 13” X 9” metal or aluminum pan, then place the pan directly on the grill.

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