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Frankenstein Wrap

Prep Time: 20 Min  |  Cook Time:  |  Servings:  |  Calories:
Prep Time
20 Min

<p>Who doesn’t love a sandwich that resembles a scary monster?&nbsp; This Frankenstein wrap uses ham, spinach tortillas, and slices of Sargento® Swiss to make the perfect Halloween meal.</p>

  1. Place 4 piles of 4 slices of ham on a clean, flat surface such as a cutting board. Stack 2 slices of Swiss cheese, then rollup and place in the middle of the stack of ham slices. Roll up each stack of ham around the swiss cheese rolls, placing seem side down. Repeat with remaining slices of Swiss cheese and stacks of ham.
  2. Microwave 1 flour tortilla for 10 seconds. Place 1 ham and Swiss rollup horizontally on the bottom third of the tortilla. Fold up the tortilla like a burrito by folding the sids in while rolling up the tortilla starting with the end with the ham and cheese rollup. Finish with the seam side down. Set aside and repeat process with remaining tortillas and ham and cheese rollups. Cut each wrap in half crosswise.
  3. Using small round cutters, cut out small rounds for eyes and use a small knife to cut noses and strips for a mouth.
  4. To create pieces of hair, cut 1” X 3” strips of cheddar cheese. Cut thin triangles ¾ of the way through the strips and remove the triangles. Place the “comb” shaped strips on the top of the uncut ends of the wraps.
  5. Place the round cutouts, nose cutouts and mouth strips below the hair pieces to make up the face.
  6. Cut small X incisions on the sides near the cut end of the wraps and stick 1 celery strip on each side to resemble the bolts on the neck of Frankenstein’s head.
  7. Brush ketchup onto the cut edge of the wraps with ketchup to resemble blood. Transfer the finished wrap heads to a platter or board. Serve.

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