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Real Cheese People® are crazy in love with Balanced Breaks®.

Morning, noon or night, these perfect pairings of cheese, fruit and nuts are just what hearts and stomachs desire. Check out these real declarations of love from Real Cheese People®.

Find room in your heart for these great varieties.

Share the love with the entire Balanced Breaks® family. With six total varieties to choose from, they’re the perfect match for wine, just the thing for after the gym, and when you’re stuck at your desk…they’re guaranteed to make your stomach go pitter-patter.

  • Real Cheese People™ know the best Jack is Colby Jack.

    Creamy Colby and Monterey Jack mingle with crunchy sea-salted peanuts and bright blueberry juice-infused dried cranberries to make snack time your favorite time.
  • Real Cheese People™ go ga-ga over Gouda.

    Soft, buttery Gouda meets sweet honey roasted peanuts and delightfully tart cranberries for a trifecta of tastiness.