The sharp, piquant flavor of Parmesan takes 10 months to develop but instantly adds flavor to pasta, soup and risotto. Or try it sprinkled over popcorn, salad or bread. Parmesan is also the star ingredient in sauces like Alfredo and pesto.

Parmesan & Romano

Romano is one of the oldest Italian cheeses. Salty and sharp, it's named for the city of Rome, where it has been made for over 2,000 years. Romano is commonly grated alongside Parmesan into salads and pasta.


Ricotta is a favorite ingredient in many Italian desserts like cheesecake and cannoli and enriches savory dishes such as lasagna. It can also make an elegant appetizer spread when mixed with fresh herbs.

What makes Real Cheese People® different?

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In 1958 Sargento became the first company to market shredded cheese.
We make it today like we did back then, shredded from real, natural cheese, with freshness you can see and taste.