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    Sargento® Balanced Breaks® Cheese & Crackers bring
    together real, natural cheese with your favorite crackers to
    create a classic snack that's easy to enjoy at home, at work
    or on-the-go. Next time hunger strikes, do more than have
    a snack… make it a true break. Take a Balanced Break™

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    Balanced Breaks®

    A delicious snack for every kind of snacker

    Real Cheese People® come in all types of snackers. Sargento® Balanced Breaks® snacks are a just-right mix of our real, natural cheese with other ingredients, like dried fruit and crunchy nuts. So whatever kind of snacker you are, there’s a Balanced Breaks® snack for you.

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    For all you whenever, wherever snackers, there’s Balanced Breaks® snacks

    Bold Sharp Cheddar meets sea-salted cashews and tart, dried cranberries to make a perfectly delicious snack to keep you moving. Available in eight delicious varieties.

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    For all you sweet tooth snackers, there’s Sweet Balanced Breaks® snacks

    Creamy Monterey Jack cheese, tart cranberries, rich dark chocolate and crunchy banana chips bring you the perfect balance of sweetness and goodness. Available in six craveable varieties.

Balanced Breaks®

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