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When you’re happily ensconced in the dog days of summer, you may wish it would never end. Long days are graced with gorgeous weather, the fresh-picked flavors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and a seemingly endless offering of outdoor events and activities.

But as summer begins to fade, you might actually start looking forward to a new season and settling back into a more regular, structured routine. Your workload might ramp up a bit. A whole different range of commitments, events and holidays fills our calendars. Perhaps you get back to planning weekly menus with easy-to-make meals that are quick but satisfying.

Taking the time to prepare and eat good meals can ease the stress of a hectic routine, and here at Sargento we’ve found that having a solid repertoire of easy-to-prepare recipes on hand makes weekly meal planning more manageable and enjoyable. So as the summer draws to a close, be reinvigorated by a new season, fresh challenges and different recipes to explore. Check out our quick meal ideas featuring Sargento® shredded cheese, freshly shredded off the block to help you fit delicious meals into your busy schedule.