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Real Cheese People® now have a sweet side.

Discover delicious satisfaction in Sweet Balanced Breaks® Snacks. With savory, natural cheese on one side and dried fruit and sweetness on the other, it’s a balanced snack your sweet tooth will love. They’re perfect for any moment that calls for a little indulgence.

Try a little sweet something!

Sweet meets savory in two delightfully delicious varieties.

  • Real Cheese People® are keen about caramel.

    That’s because caramel-glazed walnuts create a taste sensation when paired with dried cranberries and smooth Monterey Jack cheese. It’s one sweet combo of pitch-perfect flavors.
  • Real Cheese People® dream about this match made in heaven.

    Presenting a magical mingling of classic favorites: dark chocolate-covered peanuts, banana chips, peanut butter drops and creamy Colby. This snack is definitely a dream-come-true.