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It’s that time of year – the kids are heading back to school and those new lunch boxes aren’t going to fill themselves! If you’re looking for school lunch ideas for back-to-school season, look no further than real, natural cheese. Give the kids something to look forward to in their lunch boxes with these summer-inspired recipes that make every mealtime fun!

Mini Star Sandwich Skewers

Take the classic sandwich to the moon with these mini sandwich skewers. There’s no better way to tell your little one that they’re a star! Kids will love these tasty, cheese and ham sandwiches, brought to life with a fun star shape on a skewer to keep them engaged and finishing every last bite. (Plus, these festive finger foods are great party hors d’oeuvres for your next summer soiree or backyard BBQ extraordinaire).

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Frozen Sugared Grapes

If you’re looking for a naturally tasty treat, frozen sugared grapes are a great way to get the #1 Parent Award! Kids will love the natural sweetness, paired with real, natural cheese to keep them energized and full throughout the day. Simply coat your grapes in sugar, freeze, then spear them on a toothpick alongside String Cheese or Mild Cheddar Cheese Snacks for easy eating! Your kids will win school lunches, with all of their friends giggling, ‘Your parents are the best!’

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Last Minute Snack

Skip the preparation, without sacrificing the natural ingredients. Enjoy the grab-and-go convenience of Sargento Balanced Breaks®. From real, natural cheese and dried fruit to sweet cookies, they are the perfect snack before soccer practice, at the park, on a picnic, or any time your family could use a snack.

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Heading back to school is an exciting time of year! From fun ways to level up your lunch game to convenient, on-the-go snacks, you can always rely on real, natural cheese to cover your snacking needs all year long. Make this school year one to remember with real memories, fueled by real, natural cheese.