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New Sargento Tastings are carefully crafted and hand-selected to
pair perfectly with every day. Take our quiz below to find your Tastings moment and suggested pairings—perfect for a touch of simple sophistication any day, any time.

Find Your Tastings Moment

Take Our Quiz to Find Your Tastings Moment

Question 1

My friends and family are sure to call on me when they need:

  • Answer 1 for Question 1

    A shoulder to cry on

  • Answer 2 for Question 1

    Help moving

  • Answer 3 for Question 1

    A restaurant recommendation

  • Answer 4 for Question 1

    To be bailed out of a sticky situation

Question 2

Cooking for friends and family…

  • Answer 1 for Question 2

    Is a perfect way to express my love

  • Answer 2 for Question 2

    Makes me slightly crazy trying to make sure everything is perfect

  • Answer 3 for Question 2

    Sets me apart as the gourmet of the group

Question 3

In high school, I was known as…

  • Answer 2 for Question 3


  • Answer 3 for Question 3

    One of the popular kids

  • Answer 1 for Question 3

    The class clown

  • Answer 4 for Question 3

    An overachiever

Question 4

My idea of a perfect Saturday evening must include:

  • Answer 2 for Question 4

    Friends, food and fun

  • Answer 3 for Question 4

    Three generations at a family dinner

  • Answer 1 for Question 4

    Stilettos and salsa

  • Answer 4 for Question 4

    Good book, good wine, quiet meal

Question 5

Oh no! You have to give up your favorite food.

  • Answer 1 for Question 5

    I'd rather die

  • Answer 2 for Question 5

    I'll manage

  • Answer 3 for Question 5

    I'll find a new favorite

Question 6

Given the chance right now, you’d drop everything to go to:

  • Answer 2 for Question 6

    A city where one of your old friends lives

  • Answer 4 for Question 6

    A favorite little vacation spot. Not fancy but you love it

  • Answer 1 for Question 6

    Europe, no question

  • Answer 3 for Question 6

    New York, with a driver and a stay at a five star hotel

Question 7

You notice an interesting ethnic restaurant near the hotel you’re staying in. You:

  • Answer 3 for Question 7

    Talk it over with the front desk

  • Answer 4 for Question 7

    If I can’t pronounce it, I’m not eating there!

  • Answer 1 for Question 7

    Make plans to have dinner there with a friend

  • Answer 2 for Question 7

    Jump onto the hotel wireless and look it up online

Question 8

Trying new foods:

  • Answer 4 for Question 8

    I’d rather not, thanks

  • Answer 3 for Question 8

    If it will impress someone, I’m in

  • Answer 1 for Question 8

    Love it!

  • Answer 2 for Question 8

    I could be persuaded

Question 9

The foods I loved as a kid…

  • Answer 1 for Question 9

    Are totally my go to choices now!

  • Answer 2 for Question 9

    Thinking back, my tastes have changed 180 degrees

Tastings Varieties

  • Sargento® Tastings® Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese

    Crafted in “Americas Dairyland,” this cheese has a rich nutty tang you expect to see in a Sharp Cheddar that has been “well cared for.” Aged Wisconsin Cheddar is a delicious compliment to savory and sweet items such as sweetened roasted almonds or apple slices. In the Midwest, Aged Cheddars are frequently toppings on sweet desserts such as apple pie.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Bruschetta Jack Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Bruschetta Jack Cheese

    Bruschetta Jack borrows from the complex flavors of Bruschetta combining a blend of sun-dried tomato, garlic, basil and seasonings in a Jack cheese to create a new “take” on Bruschetta. This cheese, being semi-soft, is very creamy in texture and allows the flavors to liven up crisp bread slices, flatbreads, or your favorite crackers.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Aged Vermont White Cheddar Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Aged Vermont White Cheddar Cheese

    Aged Vermont White Cheddar flavor is described as tangy, with a finish of savory broth-like notes. Like the Wisconsin Cheddar, this cheese is also allowed to cure for a minimum of 12 months to bring out the flavors and to perfect the texture. This cheese provides a savory snack when paired with roasted nuts and also pairs well with fruits such as apple, pear, grapes, etc.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Medium Asiago Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Medium Asiago Cheese

    We chose a Medium Asiago for the line because we wanted a cheese that had a rich bold flavor, and creamy texture. Note that in the world of cheese, Asiago is classified as Fresh, Medium, or Old. Medium Asiago pairs well with spicy nuts and roasted peppers.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® New Zealander™ Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® New Zealander™ Cheese

    The distinctive flavor of our New Zealander cheese comes from the diet of fresh grasses that the cows feed on. The flavor is sometimes described as a cross between Gouda and Cheddar, but is distinctly its own. This cheese pairs well with sweet tasting fruits such as pear or apple, or marmalades on crispy crackers.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Creamy Havarti Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Creamy Havarti Cheese

    Havarti is a rich creamy cheese that is high in butterfat, which contributes to the richness of flavor as well as the soft texture which melts in your mouth. This cheese, with its creamy richness, pairs well with a dark rye bread or roasted peppers.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Parmentino™ Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Parmentino™ Cheese

    Although uniquely its own, it is described as borrowing flavors and complexity from both Parmesan and Cheddar Cheeses. This cheese, while firm in texture is full of flavor that can be described as nutty, tangy, brothy, and savory. With the savoriness of Parmentino, it pairs well with sweet figs, raisins and walnuts.

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  • Sargento® Tastings® Fiesta Pepper Jack Cheese

    Sargento® Tastings® Fiesta Pepper Jack Cheese

    Get ready for a bold version of Pepper Jack that brings a variety of peppers together to create a very unique cheese. Pair this heat with sweeter compliments like pineapple, melon, grapes, etc.

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