Rock Your Resolution
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Rock Your Resolution

Sargento and SHAPE magazine want you to "Rock Your Resolution!" Three coaches—a nutrition consultant, personal trainer and lifestyle expert—share their best tips to stay healthy, happy and active in 2014. Select a coach above to view their tips to help you "Live it Up!"

Tips from

Bahar Takhtehchian

Tune Into Your Workout
Get pumped up for your workouts by putting together a summer play list. Include all of your favorite jams to keep you motivated throughout your workout. Don’t forget to replenish your body with foods that offer a natural source of high quality protein like Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks.

Organize a Garage Sale
Garage sales are perfect for getting rid of items you no longer use, reducing clutter in your home and walking away with a few extra dollars in your wallet.

The Bio

SHAPE Rock Your Resolution Lifestyle Coach

Bahar Takhtehchian is the Editor-at-Large for SHAPE magazine. She reports on the latest beauty, fashion, health, nutrition and fitness news, and is an expert contributor to numerous national media outlets.

Tips from

Dr. Mike Roussell

Try a Summertime Smoothie
Combine berries with water or unsweetened almond milk, a small handful of walnuts, spinach and ice. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, add a spoonful of flax seeds, which contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Blend and drink up.

Rely on Fresh Herbs
Get flavor without added calories by adding basil, rosemary and cilantro to your meals. Combine basil with fresh sliced tomatoes and Sargento Pepper Jack Natural Cheese Snacks for an added kick of flavor.

The Bio

SHAPE Rock Your Resolution Nutrition Coach

Practicing healthy habits is always top of mind for Dr. Mike Roussell! He is a nutritional consultant, author, and founder of Naked Nutrition, LLC which provides health and nutrition solutions to consumers.

Tips from

Jay Cardiello

Head to the Shallow End for Tricep Dips
With your back to the wall and feet on the bottom of the shallow end, grab the edge of the pool and lower your body down. Use the strength in your arms to lift your body up and down.

Don’t Limit your Exercise to the Water
Choose an exercise like squats or lunges, making your way around the whole perimeter of the pool. Combine this workout with natural sources of high-quality protein like Sargento Natural String Cheese Snacks, with 8 grams of protein per serving.

The Bio

SHAPE Rock Your Resolution Fitness Coach

Personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur, Jay Cardiello, has all of the right moves to motivate your workouts! He is the Fitness Editor-at-Large for SHAPE magazine and founder of JCORE workout techniques.

Rock Your Resolution

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