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We’ve gathered our best cheese-focused recipes, as voted by our online community of fellow Real Cheese People™.

Chopped At Home Challenge

Take a look at our collection of recipes from the Chopped at Home Challenge. Get inspired, try something new and make a magnificent meal. Feed your imagination and tune in to Chopped Tuesdays 10/9c.

Classic Cheese

We’ve gathered a crowd-pleasing collection of our most satisfying cheese-focused favorites.

From the Oven

This collection features a range of mouth-watering recipes that warm your heart and your kitchen.

Game Day

These recipes feature real cheese and they are sure to score with your Game Day crowd.

Soups & Salads

These recipes transform dishes normally served on the side of a meal into contenders for the star of the show.

Grilled Cheese

These grilled cheese sandwich recipes offer worthy variations on this comfort-filled classic.


These cheese-filled recipes span a wealth of cuisines for inspiration to bring new takes to a familiar favorite.

Sandwiches, Wraps & Panini

Hearty and convenient, simple yet satisfying. These creative combinations celebrate the art of the sandwich.


Loaded with toppings and covered in cheese, these creative recipes give homemade pizza some saucy new twists.

Meals in Minutes

Skimp on time, not on flavor. These recipes demonstrate how to make mealtime flavorful and make it snappy.

Smart Snacks

Recipes and ideas for snacks with substance to keep your day on track and your taste buds excited.

Appetizers & Side Dishes

Whether you’re setting the mood for the meal or rounding it out, these appetizers and sides might outshine the main course.

Breakfast & Brunch

Rise and then continue to shine. These recipes start the morning off deliciously and set your day up for success.

Seasonal / Holidays

Festive and flavorful, these cheese-centered recipes celebrate and inspire joy to bring the warmth of the season to life.


Discover Mexican recipes that achieve a taste that’s south of the border, but made right in your own kitchen.


A taste of Italy is just a recipe away. We've pulled together crowd-pleasing favorites that celebrate the old country.


Fun, creative, exciting and modern, these hearty, satisfyingly cheese-centered dishes show off a perfect balance of flavor.