Sargento® Tastings® Guide

We've matched our ten specialty snack block cheese varieties with wines. Whether it's an elegant snack for one or an impressive, but simple appetizer for guests, these pairings bring something special to every day.

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Instant Fiesta

Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Jack

Tortilla chips, Zinfandel and pineapple are the perfect counterpoints for Tastings® Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Jack cheese, a semi soft, creamy blend of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. The rich fruity Zinfandel stands up to the salty chips, while fresh cut pineapple balances the chipotle’s delicate heat with sweetness. It’s the perfect lineup for a winning game night spread.

Sargento® Tastings® Smoky Chipotle Cheddar Jack Cheese + Zinfandel + Tortilla chips + Pineapple

Tuscan Escape

Garlic & Herb Jack

The classic culinary building blocks of garlic, herbs and cheese come together to create a perfect storm of flavors in Tastings® Garlic & Herb Jack cheese. Pair with a rustic salami, a crusty baguette, an earthy Chianti, and plump, ripe strawberries and spread a blanket on the floor for an easy at-home Tuscan picnic.

Sargento® Tastings® Garlic & Herb Jack Cheese + Chianti + Salami + Crusty Bread + Strawberries


New Zealander®

Sweet, nutty Tastings® New Zealander® cheese combines the creamy flavor of Gouda cheese with the sharpness of Cheddar cheese. Try it with crisp baked pita chips, fruity jam and a refreshing Porter Beer. Crunchy and soft, sweet and savory, the combination makes for a flavorful journey that will keep your palate guessing where you’ll take it next.

Sargento® Tastings® New Zealander® Cheese + Porter Beer + Pita Chips + Fruity Jam

Bold Adventure


Described as borrowing the sharpness from Cheddar cheese and the savory bite of Parmesan cheese, Tastings® Parmentino™ cheese boasts a uniquely bold flavor. Paired with walnuts, raisins and a glass of fruity, earthy Sangiovese, it’s an invitation to explore and expand your palate.

Sargento® Tastings® Parmentino™ Cheese + Any Italian Red Wine + Walnuts + Raisins

Rich Tastes

Creamy Havarti

Tastings® Creamy Havarti cheese incorporates extra cream for a softer, more luxurious taste that melts in your mouth. Pair with hearty bread, like a rich rye. Add olives, smoked meats, and a Sauvignon Blanc to round things out to make for an elegant at-home snacking experience.

Sargento® Tastings® Creamy Havarti Cheese + Sauvignon Blanc + Olives + Smoked Meats +Hearty Breads

Sweet Heat

Fiesta Pepper Jack

It takes four pepper varieties to deliver the complex flavor of buttery, spicy Tastings® Fiesta Pepper Jack cheese. Adding sweet pineapple, bright grapes, an ice-cold beer or a refreshing Zinfandel with notes of raspberries are all it takes to deliver a snack with flavorful balance.

Sargento® Tastings® Fiesta Pepper Jack Cheese + Zinfandel + Spicy Nuts + Roasted Bell Peppers

A Flavorful Surprise

Bruschetta Jack

Soft and creamy Tastings® Bruschetta Jack cheese combines the richness of our Monterey Jack Cheese and familiar savory bruschetta ingredients. Match with crisp bread slices, juicy grapes and a fruity red Zinfandel or a crisp Pilsner to create an appetizer with ingredients you think you know, with a depth of flavor that you weren’t expecting.

Sargento® Tastings® Bruschetta Jack Cheese + Zinfandel + Crisp Bread Slices + Grapes + Pilsner

Snack Lively

Medium Asiago

Roasted bell peppers offer just enough crunch to stand up to the nutty intensity of Tastings® Medium Asiago cheese. Add even more interest with a spicy nut mix and a glass of herbaceous Sauvignon.

Sargento® Tastings® Medium Asiago Cheese + Sauvignon Blanc + Spicy Nuts + Roasted Bell Peppers

The Gold Standard

Aged Wisconsin Cheddar

Pair this rich, nutty Tastings® Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese with tart apple slices, savory roasted nuts, crisp, spicy Gewürztraminer and Brown Ale. One taste is all it takes to understand what makes this tried and true combination a classic.

Sargento® Tastings® Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese + Gewürztraminer + Brown Ale + Apple Slices + Roasted Nuts

Sweet & Savory

Aged Vermont White Cheddar

A glazed nut blend and sweet Cabernet Sauvignon and Brown Ale enhance the smooth, savory flavor of Tastings® Aged Vermont White Cheddar Cheese. It’s the perfect way to end a meal, or start an at-home date night, on a high note.

Sargento® Tastings® Aged Vermont White Cheddar Cheese + Cabernet Sauvignon + Glazed Nut Blend + Brown Ale