The Road to Real

Since 1953, Sargento® has been a company dedicated to innovation. From breakthrough packaging to unique product varieties, from industry firsts to industry bests, we do what we do in the name of love of 100% real, natural cheese.

1955 First Vacuum Packaged Cheese

Sargento founder Leonard Gentine set the industry standard for innovative packaging when he invented the first cheese vacuum pack. To this day, Sargento remains a state-of-the-art leader in keeping cheese fresh.

1958 First Shredded Cheeses

The world got a little more delicious when Sargento became the first company to market shredded cheese.

1969 Bringing the Peg Bar to the Cheese Section

Sargento introduced peg-bar merchandising to the cheese section, which brought cheese packages to eye level and within easy reach of shoppers, changing the way cheese was sold in the supermarket.

1986 First Resealable Packaging

Real cheese lovers everywhere rejoiced when Sargento was the first in the industry to use zippered resealable packaging that kept cheese fresh and easily accessible after opening.  This feature resulted in double-digit growth of the shredded cheese category.

1991 Reduced Fat Cheese

Calorie-conscious customers jumped for joy when Sargento introduced a new line of cheese that was lower in fat but just as delicious. Our Reduced Fat cheeses continue to be popular with shoppers today.

1994 Recipe Blends

Sargento launched Recipe Blends, mixing different cheese varieties in the same package. This created delicious new flavors and made cooking with multiple cheeses more convenient than ever.

2001 Slide-Rite® Freshness Seal

In another cheese industry first, Sargento unveiled the Slide-Rite® Advanced Closure System on its shredded cheese packages, making at-home storage quicker and easier.

2005 Bistro Blends

Bistro Blends introduced the combination of delicious Sargento shredded cheeses and natural seasonings.

2007 Artisan Blends®

A new, exciting cheese blend was born when Artisan Blends® combined quality Sargento cheeses with distinct cheese from artisan cheese makers who use time-honored techniques.

2010 Reduced Sodium Cheese

Reduced Sodium Cheeses were a win for our sodium-conscious customers looking for great Sargento taste. Another popular addition to our product line, the cheeses deliver great flavor with 25% less sodium.

2011 Natural Blends®

Natural Blends® joined the product line, offering two authentic Sargento cheeses, expertly blended into one great slice or snack.

2012 Ultra Thin Slices®

The debut of Ultra Thin Slices® delivered all the same delicious taste you expect from Sargento with only 45 calories.* With flavor uncompromised, the only thing left to sacrifice was sacrifice.

* See individual product information for saturated fat content.